KAdd Associates Wins runner-up in Design Competition!


09 Nov... Kadd Associates is notified by Maureen Burke, Senior Marketing Manager, AutoDesk Building Design Division, AutoDesk, Inc. 

Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 1:36 PM
To: 'Kevin@kaddassociates.com'
Subject: You are an AutoDesk Innovation Award Winner!

"Dear Kevin,

Congratulations!  You are an AutoDesk Innovation Award Winner!  We are happy to award you “Runner-Up” in the “Professional” category."

We are very Proud to Announce that we have won an all expense paid trip to AU2004, to receive a Design Innovation Award from Phil Bernstein VP of AutoDesk BSD, for design of the Kurinsky residence.


Kevin Anderson receiving award from Phil Bernstein

(Presenter / Host Lynn Allen in background - the party dinner theme was Mad Science and I was sure blinded by Science afterwards...)



ADT Expert Certification                    

12/08/2004 KAdd Associates has been Expert Certified by Exam at AU2004.

Kevin Anderson has passed the ADT Certification exam  as administered by officials at AutoDesk University in Las Vegas, NV.

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